Scientific Advisory Board

Objectives and scope of activities

  • To give the Ciliopathy Alliance Board advice and recommendations regarding all research and medical issues related to cilia and ciliopathies.
  • To ┬áreview and evaluate all relevant projects contemplated by the Ciliopathy Alliance to ensure they are consistent with the best available science or practice prior to any consideration by the Board.
  • To promote awareness about the work of the Ciliopathy Alliance.


Scientific Advisory Board members include researchers and doctors involved or interested in ciliopathy research and treatment of patients with ciliopathies.

Membership is international.

Current members of the Board include:

Professor Philip Beales
Dr Claire Hogg
Dr Dan Jagger
Professor Colin Johnson
Dr Hannah Mitchison
Dr Dominic Norris
Dr Tony Moore
Professor Chris O'Callaghan
Mrs Kay Parkinson
Dr Anand Saggar
Dr John Sayer
Dr Amelia Shoemark
Dr Aoife Waters
Professor Patricia Wilson

Please contact us if you wish to be considered for membership.